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The Living Arts Center offers a variety of arts-related, ongoing groups to support individuals in discovering and nurturing a relationship with their creative potential.

Groups, their days and times, and other details are determined primarily in response to the needs of the individuals interested in those groups.

Please call (650) 314-0193 if you would like to explore further these or other possibilities.

Are you willing to take responsibility for your own growth and happiness?
Men's Group
Facilitated by Nicholas Ross, Ph.D.

This established men's group requires an ongoing weekly commitment. Occasionally there is an opening for a new member. Call to inquire if you would like to:
  • Join a group of mature men who desire greater depth and freedom in their lives.
  • Explore important issues and questions in your life – relationships, work, spirituality.
  • Give and receive feedback within the group about communication, trust, and intimacy that will enhance your life in the world.
  • Take responsibility for your own life and the risk necessary to be more than our culture tells us a man should be.
Contact Nicholas Ross, Ph.D. at (650) 325-8933 to discuss your interest. Dr. Ross is a licensed clinical psychologist (PSY19147) working in the community and in private practice. He has been leading men's groups for over ten years.
Do you want a professional community within which to explore your inner and outer experiences of working with clients?
Consultation Group for Licensed Therapists
Facilitated by Christine Evans, Ph.D.

Join a small group of therapists seeking to explore and understand the factors contributing to the challenges we experience with difficult cases:

  • Reflect on your inner and outer experiences with clients, using a variety of expressive arts modalities.
  • Co-create an environment which enables you to see what has been blocked from your awareness to date.
  • Learn how multi-modal expressive arts can build a bridge between your therapeutic abilities and your personal health and wholeness.

Group meets on the third Monday of the month from 9:15-11:45 am. The fee is $60.

Contact Dr. Christine Evans at (650) 314-0193 to set up a time to discuss your interests. She can also be reached via email at Christine4Arts@aol.com.
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