Do you need a safe space to create from within?

    Do you desire a more meaningful relationship with yourself and others?

      Are you seeking ways to express your spiritual experience?

        Are the blocks to your innate creativity limiting your potential?

Come explore with us! Whether you're a non-artist or artist, discover what happens when you engage your creative impulses in one or all of the expressive arts. Through creative self discovery, you can enhance your self awareness and feel more fully alive!

The Living Arts Center cultivates the rediscovery of creativity and the arts as vital, curative, and necessary aspects of healthy living. You'll find a welcoming atmosphere of encouragement, inclusiveness, and mutual exchange at our community events, in ongoing groups, or in individual therapy. Feel free to explore whatever avenues interest you. You might even realize you're more creative than you thought...or be inspired to pursue the arts in new and exciting ways.

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